Can't change Datastream Unit to l/m2


I’m experiencing a “Error parsing request” at the Datastream side when changing the unit in my Virtual Pin Datastream from “mm” to “l/m2” or " ml/m2". Every other Unit works fine for me but for measuring the rainfall it would be nice to have another unit on my dashboard in the Labeled Value.

The data from my code which I sent to Blynk is a double so I don’t understand why its not working…

  • ESP8266
  • Blynk 1.2.0

String rainToday = obj["daily"][0]["rain"];
double rainTodayD = rainToday.toDouble();
Blynk.virtualWrite(V6, rainTodayD);

Where do you see this message?


When editing my Datastreams inside the Template Editor.

[ID:5][Name: RainToday][Alias: RainToday][Color: Blue][Pin: V6][Data Type: Double][Units: l/m²][Is Raw: false][Min: 0][Max: 100][Decimals: #.##][Default Value: -][Actions: -]

Hi @jean_pascal395,

We will fix this error, thanks for the feedback.

Dmitriy from Blynk