Can't buy Energy on IOS (iPhone 6.0)


I can’t buy Energy on IOS (ver 12.4 on iPhone 6.0). All I get - are three dancing dots (does not pop-up the next screen - related to payment). I am stuck in this stage since 4 days.
I have tried from 2 different accounts. In past (about 6 months) I have succeeded to buy Energy. (i.e. :

I can make payments for other applications/needs. Today I bought 28.000 credits on my account - but from an iPhone 5 (not my phone).

I have deleted and reinstalled Blynk on my phone (but without results).

I did not found a solution to my problem in other posts from this Forum /Community.

What else should I try to do? (maybe is something related to how the latest version of the IOS operating system - runs on iPhone 6?).
Thank you.

@Eugene please take a look.

Please do the following:

  • Enable Blynk logs (Settings app -> Blynk -> Enable logging)
  • Relaunch the Blynk app
  • Try to perform a purchase
  • After a failure go to About screen with Blynk app and send us the logs

We’ll take a look at logs and respond to you with the issue details.