Can't Add E-mail to Automation?

Maybe I’m missing something simple here, but for some reason I can’t add an e-mail to an automation. When I go to set one up I can’t add an e-mail address to the appropriate location. This is happening on both the Android App and Web Console. It must be a setting of some kind? Thanks in advance.

This is from a USER stand point.

Please specify your subscription plan (and your organizations’ structure in case of Pro subscription)
Application log file might be helpful as well.

I am on PRO. A bit more info:

Each user has their own sub-org. If I am logged in as the main Admin and then “switch to” the users sub-org, I can create the automation and their email is available from the “e-mail” drop down.

But if I log in as a user only to that same sub-org, and then go to create an automation, no email is available in the drop down.

The user and email is registered in the sub-org.

So it seems like there is maybe a permission that needs to be activated for users, but I’m not sure what that is.


I seemed to have found the fix to this issue. In Permission’s you need to make sure under “Users” that “View Users” is selected for the “User” level.

Hopefully that makes sense, lol. I tested it and it seems to work now.

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