Cannot set 0,0,0 in zeRGBa widget

I have problem with zeRGBa widget.
Phone LG V30 Android 8.0.0 Blynk 2.27.4
I cannot set 0,0,0 (always one of colors has 1 when color picker is at bottom line) values but only when widget is bigger than default and only when its shape is square.
If I’m not resizing widget everything works fine, when widget is rectangle also OK. When I’m doing this resizing on other phone (Samsung s6) also everything fine. So I think that there might be a problem with unusual proportions of LG V30’s screen. That phone has 18:9 proportions of screen. Is there a chance for the fix? Reinstalation of app doesn’t fix the problem.

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Thanks for the report,

So it reproduces only in its default size: 4x3?

Default 4x3 size is ok. 5x4 not ok.

Thanks, I’ve reproduced it on one of the phones with the default size, today later or tomorrow I’ll upload a new build with this fix and several other fixes.

I’ve uploaded 2.27.5 release with a fix to this issue - it should be available to download in several hours

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App updated and now everything is ok. Thanks for so quick response.