Cannot select D14-D19 on Nano andUNO

I have a switch connected to A1 which on the nano and UNO can be also configured as D15. This is the case for A0-A5 (not A6, A7).
The widget does not allow to configure D14-D19!

What do you mean you can’t select?

Add button widget
Choose A1
-it works

D15 is a digital pin, not analog! It provides values Low and High, which an analog pin cannot do.

@vshymanskyy, am I not getting smth? Blynk is able to make a dw to analog pin, correct?

You can use the analog pin as a digital pins, but you still have to reference to it as A0, A1, etc., not D15. That doesn’t work. The name stays the same.

It works if you don’t care that a ‘0’ is displayed in the value widget rather than a ‘LOW’ and ‘1023’ instead of HIGH.

Then use virtualwrite to change the output to LOW or HIGH. That way it will display that in your widget. That is the only option because analog port work inherently different then digital ports. They can only pretend to be digital ports, but under the hood they still work with those values.

My virtual Pins are all occupied. Actually I would need about 50 virtual Pins