Cannot resize Time Input Widget

ESP32 - Wifi
Android version 11
Blynk server
v 0.6.1

How can i resize the Time Input widget (on Android)? For all other widgets i can resize them by long pressing the widget, then bullets appear as handles. However on the Time Input widget long pressing does not let the 4 bullets appear for resizing.

Is there another way to resize? Currently because i selected “HH:mm:ss-AM/PM” i do not have the overview of the schedule and i always have to enter into the details to view the end time (not displayed due to too small widget)

The widget isn’t resizeable in iOS either, but you can see the start and stop times regardless of which time format is selected.


Hi Pete, as you can see, the start times of the 2 schedules are readable, but the end times not (only the ‘0’ appears before the ‘…’)

Can something be done to remediate this without changing the format (only HH:mm is readable)?

Blynk Legacy is no longer supported and isn’t being developed any longer, so it’s unlikely.


Time Input widget resize is supported in both latest Blynk IoT app versions for Android and iOS (can be extended up to the whole width of smartphone screen).

That’s right, Blynk Legacy is no longer supported.

Thanks, Pete!