Cannot find my wifi to connect esp8266 with blynk by using ar

You don’t connect the Blynk app to the NodeMCU’s WiFi unless you are using dynamic provisioning - which you are not.
Using static provisioning, where you hard-code the Auth token and the WiFi credentials, the NodeMCU connects to your home WiFi so that it can communicate with the Blynk server.
Your mobile device also connects to the internet - using WiFi or mobile data from any location in the world, and it too talks to the same Blynk server. There is no direct mobile device to NodeMCU communication.

I’d suggest that you change the serial baud rate in your scent h to 74880 and change your serial monitor to the same baud rate.

Notifications also work differently in Blynk IoT, so Blynk.notify is no longer supported and you need to use events instead. Read this for more info…

When you’ve restructured your sketch to clean-up your void loop and changed or temporarily removed your notification code then re-post your revised sketch along with updated detailed of what is now appearing in your serial monitor and app/web dashboard.