Cannot find " Expose to Automation " in Datastream

Hello ,

I am trying to automate using ESP32 (device 1) and ESP8266 (device 2) via Blynk server. I connected a temperature sensor to esp8266. I would like to control pin state of esp32 (device 1) triggered from esp8266 temperature data.

As per blynk documentation there should be an " Expose to Automation " button in DataStream which am unable to find.

P.S – using blynk PLUS

Hello. We have moved this field to the separate tab “Automations” in the product. It is just a recent update, docs are not yet updated.


Thanks a lot :smiley:

“Control Device” is not accessible / highlighted , am trying to control pin state of ESP32 triggered from temperature data. :confused:

@Craftive in the target device you need to enable the Datastream for “action”, not for “Condition”.

Thanks :smile: :+1: