Cannot download csv

I’ve exported a csv from my app and attempt to download it.

I got an email with a link as the following:

However when I click on it either on my iPhone of Mac, it cannot connect to that address. Is there an issue?

Thanks, blynk is awesome!

I assume that you’re running a local Blynk server?


Thanks a lot for your quick response.

In all honesty, I’m not 100% sure. I’ve started using Blyink with an open-source project that uses it - I’m logging in with “Custom Server” @ because of another application.

Does this mean csv download will not work - do I need to switch to Cloud?

The download will work, if you can manage to work-out the correct url that will take you to the file.
Presumably is a DDNS service that points to the current public IP address of the network where the server is?


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Yes, that was the issue. Thank you so much!