Cannot connect with python lib, but OK with http interface

Hello .

I’m a Blynk plus plan customer.

I am using the python lib "for Python v0.2.6 " on raspberry PI (Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye) 64 bits

#server = ‘’
server = ‘’
blynk = blynklib.Blynk(“MYAUTH”, server=server)

blynk.connect() FAILS,
HOWEVER is OK (which means the AUTH TOKEN is OK)

blynk.connect() fails in _authenticate with status = 4

raise BlynkError(‘Auth stage failed. Status={}’.format(status))

I tried with my geo zeone :, but same problem.

I have already one other device (different template) working with blynk v2.0, and my plans allows for 10 devices

I am stuck. Can you help ?
happy blynking …

You should update the library to the latest version (1.0.0).

But you have to do that manually.