Can you use Blynk and MicroPython together?

I’m using a nodemcu12 (not 12e) and I flashed it with micropython. I’m able to hop on webrepl and start using micropython. However, once I upload a blynk sketch to the nodemcu, I am no longer able to reach it via webrepl. Any suggestions?


Don’t know about in an NodeMCU, but Python is in Alpha for other MCU’s like the RPi. I don’t know the difference between it and MicroPython.

MicroPython can be used with the same Python library. I didn’t test it with NodeMCU yet.
Please post your feedback if you try it! I think it should work.

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micropython works great on the nodemcu. problem is, once I upload a blynk sketch, i am no longer able to access the micropython interpreter

Please read community forum rules. Which exactly code do you use, wiring, etc. Are we telepathics/magicians?

LOL Mind reader! :slight_smile:


micropython is firmware that allows you to execute python commands on boards like the nodemcu. I’m using the latest version (v1.9.3-8-g63826ac5c). Once the firmware is loaded, I use the interpreter to set up the network and webrepl (the ability to access the nocdemcu via wireless interface) on the nodemcu.

My blynk app version is 2.18.0(1)


I have a power supply providing 3.3v@~240mA to the nodemcu.
I also have an led connected between pin 13 and ground with a R330 in line.

I can use Micropython to turn the led on and off. However, once I set up blynk to toggle the led, I can no longer get to my micropython interpreter to do anything. I have to reflash it.

So that’s my question. Is it one or the other? or can they coincide?

I still don’t see your code…

Code from where? Are you asking for the commands in micropython I use to configure?
Blynk is graphical, so there’s no code.
I’m not sure what you’re asking for


Ah, got it! I’m using the esp8266_Standalone file from “Examples” (Attached)

Did you completely miss all those code like commands and functions in the Documentation, Help Center and Sketch Builder :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Blynk is a combo of an App, Server and Library… the primary Library being C++ based, but there is also a NodeJS and this Alpha version of Python based Blynk libraries.

I think the code we are looking for here is your Python code… what you posted is C++ and thus not really compatible to your topic’s issue :wink:

I followed the instructions in the Docs section:

Sketch builder?? Didn’t i just show you the sketch? How would it seem to you that I missed that??

I have a simple question: Can I continue to use MicroPython if I want to utilize Blynk? Can they coincide? or is it one or the other?

LOL man.

You flash it with MicroPython, then completely erase it with Your C++ sketch. What are you thinking about?
You were directly pointed to the micropython library…

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“You flash it with MicroPython, then completely erase it with Your C++ sketch.”

That tells me everything I need to know.


I suspect not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously… When you do get an actual Python sketch working… feel free to post it here so others can benefit and learn. Thanks.

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A short tutorial / demo would be perfect!