Can you hide/show widgets under program control

Hi - before I add something to Roadmap I wanted to make sure I’m not missing something obvious. I have many devices that are very similar, but have different widget requirements based on a runtime condition. I was wondering if, under program control, if I can disable/enable a widget (meaning, the widget either is totally hidden or second best would be grayed out/disabled)? I do know I can “ignore” the widget (button press and ignore the button), but was hoping for a better user experience.

For example, a device that is connected to an HVAC system. Some of the devices detect that an air conditioner is available, others detect it is not. It would be nice to use the Device Tiles for all these devices, and have the template render slightly differently based on the runtime condition.

I don’t see anything obvious - so likely this feature isn’t currently available - but wanted to check first.

Thanks for the fantastic support!


It’s not currently possible.

There are a couple of suggestions on the roadmap area already, add your votes/comments if you think they’re what you’re looking for: