Can you copy and paste to Blynk with your Android device?

As a follow up to a post in another thread, is anyone able to cut and paste text on an Android device into Blynk’s Terminal widget?

I know it can be done with the Android simulators and it is very useful when pasting 32 character tokens or huge url’s associated with API’s, but can it be done with a physical smartphone?

My old Samsung S3 that runs some Omni firmware on Android 4.4.4 doesn’t paste to Terminal but it will paste to other apps.

If you can paste text into Terminal (or any widget) what is your hardware and what version of Android are you using?

As the Webhook widget develops it will become more and more important that cut and paste is available as some urls are 100+ characters and nobody wants to spend time trying to accurately type that into a smartphone.

No past possible also in my side, using Jiayu S3 and Android 5.1.1

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I can paste text at Webhook widget, not into Terminal.

Android 6.0, LG G3

Time to change your old smartphone… :wink:

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@psoro think you are right about changing the phone. Might try to offload mine to my wife.

Just tried Webhook and paste works fine with the old S3. Good to know at least one widget accepts cut and paste.

@Dmitriy is the text entered in the url field for Webhook available to us as Blynkers outside of the Webhook widget? Just thinking it might be a quick fix but ultimately Terminal needs a paste facility.

Outside? Where is that?

Sure. We will fix.

@Dmitriy I can see in local server that the admin panel tracks the WebHookHosts. So I have an entry shown as

So can I read this variable “” in my sketch (i.e. outside of Webhook widget as per my last post) and would the variable still be available if the WebHookHosts text was “hello Blynkers” or perhaps more significantly “123456789012345678901234567890ab” i.e. one of your 32 character tokens?

No. why would you need this?

No. This is not what webhook supposed to be :slight_smile:.

I would need it because Terminal doesn’t have a paste feature but Webhook does, that’s all.

I see. We will fix it very soon. Please wait.

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