Can we share token?

hi friend…i new user here.
can we share our token ( blynk app token) with other device to control arduino + esp8266?
i make 1 project with blynk to control 5 output on/off using smartphone ( because my token set at arduino coding, can we add more token?
for now only my smartphone control this project ( because my token set at arduino coding, can we add more token? ) .
i try clone my blynk app and let my friend scan the bar code , he can copy all my app setting but different token.
any idea how to make more device ( smartphone) can control my project?

The Auth token is generated by the Server via the App.

One token, per hardware device (MCU), linked to an App project.

If you want others to fully control the same hardware device (MCU) you need to all have the same login to that project from your own phones.

Thanks for you reply…what mean …“same login to that project from your own phones.”

Same email/password into the App… You can have many phones and tablets all simultaneously controlling the projects and same hardware… even IOS and Android phones as long as they are using compatible widgets (some don’t work yet, or quite the same on IOS).

I use two tablets, multiple older/newer phones and Android emulator software.

Ok i understand now…thanks friend…my problem have solution now…tq…:+1:t2::+1:t2:

It’s 3 years later but I have this same question: can I create a project on iOS, then clone the project to another device, say, Android, and then have both connect to the same hardware (that is, use the same token)? According to this thread I can, yet it doesn’t seem possible due to new token being generated with each new project (even through the “project” is a clone of the original). Is there a way to do this? Thanks!

At risk of (further) depleting my sanity in dealing with really old topics :crazy_face:

Your Blynk account can already be used across multiple devices running Android & iOS. You can see/edit/use all the projects in that account on ANY phone/tablet that is logged into the SAME account… even at same time. NOTE, this allows all users logged in full access.

Within any project, each device used needs it own AUTH code, this is so the project/server know which MCU device to communicate with.

Cloning is a way of passing on a COPY of your project’s widget settings, for someone else’s use on their OWN accounts and devices, thus they still need to set up their OWN devices with their OWN AUTH code for each.

Sharing is a way of giving limited use only access, ment more for DEMO use than long term sharing without full account access.

So… in a basic repetitive answer to this particular question…

Yes… but instead of “cloning” you simply use the same account login across multiple phones/tablets. One caveat… some widgets are not cross compatible between iOS/Android. search the forum for more details there.

I think this topic can be laid to rest :slight_smile: