Can we control servos connected to a 16 channel servo controller of an arduino

I want to control about 16 servos so Iam using servo controller of arduino along with arduino uno how can I control them together help me please

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First off, the short answer is YES, however it is not simple plug in and press buttons, you will need to use virtual pins on the app side and write some code on the UNO side to merge directions from the App to whatever control library is used for the servo board.

Start with whatever instructions, libraries and examples that go with that controller. Then once you have it working and know how it works (without Blynk), try out some Blynk examples with virtual pins and learn how that works, then you will be able to merge the two together.

As far as the learning Blynk side… there are Documentation , and Sketch Builder links at the top right of this page… all designed to help you learn Blynk. If you run into something with blynk specific commands that is difficult to understand, then ask clear questions in this topic and we will try to assist as able.

Hi Iam new learner and student just started learning coding.
And the thing is that I have design for humanoid robot using adafruit 16 channel servo controller and arduino. The thing is that I want to control that robot using Blynk.
I hope u would help me with the code.
Thank u Dennis

They are legs of robot and there is Hc 05 ultrasonic sensor as eyes.
Please help me with code.
Thank u. Anyone help me out.

Anyone is here

Many of us are “here”, it is a worldwide forum.

We don’t work as code monkeys here… just volunteers and fellow Blynk users. We will assist you in learning how Blynk works and such, but you need to learn how to write your own code, and learn to interface with sensors, motors, etc. yourself, as much as possible.

A little bit confused with interfacing virtual pins and servo controller.

Virtual pins are a method of interfacing between the App (Widgets) and the MCU, you then take that data, state change, etc and apply it to digital pins as “normal”,. Virtual pins also work inversely and takes I/O data from the MCU and sends it to the App for display.

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thank u brother​:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:
I will check it out try in the morning
But now it good :night_with_stars: for Indians​:grin::grin::grin::grin:
Thank u