Can u run blynk private server on this orange pi Zero 256 Ram

i hope buy a orange pi zero 256mb board to run a home blynk server can i do that form that board $8.49

is it 256 ram / H2 Quad-core [Cortex-A7]enough for run this server ?

anyone :grinning:

Sure, why not. As long as it runs java.

Doing a little searching/reading in this forum would have answered that question and more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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i saw so many project in raspberry pi it have 512 ram. this device have only 256 Ram. that is why i asked this . thank you

And this is why I suggest reading before asking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Even after Raspbian (EDIT or whatever OS the OrangePi uses), there should be plenty of room… just don’t expect to also load in too many other background tasks like clients, cameras, image servers, etc.


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sorry for my mistake .thank you

I don’t run a local Blynk server (although I do run a Node-Red/MQTT server on a Pi 3) and have never used any of the Orange Pi products.
I am however a great fan of Pete Scargill (@Scargill on this forum) and have read a number of his blog articles about Orange Pi devices.

Take a read of this:

and search Pete’s blog for other references to Orange Pi, so you have a better understanding of what you’re buying.


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Hi Please note the blog went down last night and has just been restored. Sorry for any inconvenience. It does indeed refer to Orange Pi on several entries… the WIFI on the Zero never did prove reliable - The Orange PI +2E was the best of the lot - wonderful but ultimately I went back to Raspberry Pi just because of the simplicity and reliabiliy of rpi-clone .

Hope that’s useful to someone.


amazing thank you

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super. thank you for your comments

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I’ ve managed to run local Blynk Server on an iMX233 based board with 64MB RAM without any difficulty (kernel 2.6.35, java8 SE embedded).
Comparing to this, Orange Pi is an overkill!


what the cheap method to run this server ?

Not to sure on the cheap aspect though :stuck_out_tongue: …



Compared to a 1Ghz 512GB RPi Zero W for $13 CND… (shipping is always a killer though, at least where I live, add on another $12 - Granted, usually per package, not item).


Sure it’s very expensive comparing to Rpis, nor i use it normally as a local Blynk server. I’ve invest in this board for orher purposes, and just wanted to check if it is capable to run as a local server. it does! Just in case, what i use as a local Blynk server because of its integrated SATA interface as well as its 1Gb Ethernet.

Ah, yes, those can be a great benefit… not needed for Blynk (even SD and WiFi, let alone 100Mbs like my RPi3, is more than sufficient), but for a NAS or something needing more bandwidth, that is much better IO than past gen RPi.

And that explains the cost… I didn’t pay attention to all it’s specs. :blush: EDIT - and now again, I belatedly see you are referencing yet another, even pricer, type… :smiley:

Anyhow, as per the OP… Blynk Server really doesn’t need much in storage, RAM or even networking… as mentioned elsewhere in this forum, a lowly RPi Zero W will run it just fine, including a few on-board JS/ Python Blynk clients as well.

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I bought mine 3 years ago (512Mb version) and it’s working 24/7 as my local server without issues. Nice board from my point of view.

I’m still waiting for the new platform before choosing I’ll I transfer my local server to an orange zero board.

Yes mate, good point.
I’m still waiting… all my projects are stopped till know something about new platform… let’s see what happens…

i have the server running on Raspberry Pi Zero W for almost 2 years with no problem (it has 512MB ram) and i have GUI raspbian which is using a lot of resource you will not need in your case