Can Timer widget work with time get from RTC 3231 hardware?


Timer widger work great, but if I want to On Off my modem, wiget will not work, because when it turn my modem off, my arduino lost internet connection until modem turn on, in this case, no connect to blynk server, Timer widget can not turn on my modem. I have to use RTC hardware to shedule On Off my modem. And my question is is there any way to use timer widget with RTC hardware?


I use code below to schedule On Off modem. using rtc 3231 module, RTClib.h

DateTime now =;
int T=now.hour() * 100 + now.minute();
if ( T > T1 && T < T2) {modemoff();}
else {modemon();}

How I set T1 T2 by input from Terminal Widget and I can change anytime I need through Terminal widget?