Can program run even when connection is down?

I’m new to Blynk, somewhat familiar with Arduino and remember only basics of C++.
With that out of the way I need help with my coal-heater driver, I don’t know its name in English, but it’s one of those:

I need my program to run even when internet (Blynk Cloud) connection is down. Right now it won’t start doing it’s thing until Blynk connects. I am using Arduino Mega 2560 with Ethernet Shield and Android App (Galaxy S8).

My main program is closed in myTimerEvent from one of the examples from sketch builder, but I also use some BLYNK_WRITE(pin) functions.
My loop looks like this:

void loop ()
{;; // Initiates BlynkTimer
  t = rtc.getTime();
   int godzina = string.toInt(t.hour);

I found only one topic about this, but long and without one, proven and working solution that I would understand.
The place that the driver will be used in is connected to the world by LTE router and I don’t trust it, because it gave us some downtime in the past. The Blynk interface is used only as optional input/output option, so I don’t have to touch my flimsy box with flimsy buttons every time it’s cold :slight_smile:

Blynk Timer is an Arduino function and runs without a network connection. So you simply need to put an if statement around


Move all the other stuff out of loop and in to a timed function.

There are also threads on this site to ensure your system runs if your Arduino reboots when the network connection is down because Blynk.begin() is a blocking routine that you need to bypass.

Check out this thread for details of how to bypass Blynk.begin() with systems that are not using ESP’s as the main MCU Brown outs or reboots

Thank you Costas, will dive right into it!