Can not revoke ssl certificates

HI I am running Blynk server on centOS 6. few months ago, I successfully created valid certificates with blynk. but they were not auto-revoked, so, when i try to access webadministration, browser tells me, that the certificates are X days old. I also tried to manually generate new certificates with certbot-auto, wich was success, then i wrote path to them into, but it looks like the Blynk server app uses still that old auto-self generated certificates, and does not want to rewoke them automacially. So is there any way to either force blynk to revoke certificates, or force to use that newly generated one.

Hello. Correct way would be to remove expired certificates and run server again. Also you need the latest server version with fixed renewal job.

Okay, thank you. Now, How do i remove old certificates? Where do i find them? I will update server ASAP.

It should be in the same folder where jar file is.

Thank you very much for your help, i updated server binary, removed certificate files from the directory where the binary is, ran it, and i got valid certificates. Hope will be no problem with them in future.