Can Local Blynk Server run on Arduino Yun without Raspberry PI?


I see in the documentation that for installing the Local Blynk Server, a Rapsberry PI is needed. My question is: If Arduino Yun has Linino OS inside and it seems to support Java, could I use the Arduino Yun for running the Blynk Server, thus avoiding to buy a Raspberry PI?

Has anyone tried it?


I have been able to install server on C.H.I.P. I think the key is Java support. I gave a quick and dirty rundown of the procedure here:

Blynk Server on C.H.I.P.

That might help you.

thanks @Gunner

I’ve seen that running Java on Linino is not trivial at all. The support was stopped in 2013, so let’s look for another solution, probably Raspberry PI.

My old RPi B+ has been working for this purpose without issues. Nowadays I’m using an Orange Pi Zero and works like a charm
What flavor do you prefer? :wink:

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Not very familiar with Raspberry Pi stuff. I’ve ordered a Raspberry PI 3, just in case I can use it for other things.

Good choice, the RPi3 is really powerful and plenty of possibilities related to Blynk or other purposes…