Can I resize the widget?

I’d like to use two joysticks, but they’re too big to put side by side.
Is it possible to change the size?

Sorry, for some inexplicable reason… :thinking:

Larger border (not the actual joystick) - Yes
But smaller - No

Add your request to the wish list here…

It is however, the one widget that can be properly used in landscape mode. Just toggle the ROTATE ON TILT option in widget setup.

Nothing will visually change, but the X & Y axis will work appropriately when tilted.

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I’ll check the look and probably will implement 4x4 or 4x3 min size for joystick. What device are you using? I see it has 1x2 resolution.

and the gauge 4x4 too ? :wink:

Gauge is already 4x4…

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you are right !!
I wanted to say …
2 x 2
so we could align 4 gauges


It would not look good in this way, as min/max texts of the gauge are already in minimal recommended size, so they would not be changed to lesser size, and that’s they will take too much space in 2x2 form.

Why do you not use Vertical Level in your case?

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I use Vertical Level, no worry,
but Gauge graphics look better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: