Can i publish this blynk apps into google play?

hai… i already have google play account. i want to know, can i publish this blynk app into google play…?.

Yes, you can. But this not free option. Have a look into

@Dmitriy actually I want to upload my project into the platform which is has been provided by my college department. They will pay for us using department’s google play account.
As what my lecturer told me. I must have an APK file to upload into it.
So I want to make sure this blynk app have an APK file that I can download and upload by my own.
And I want to know is it blynk app a third party app?.
it can be? right Mr Dmitriy .

In that case you only need to scan QR code provided by your college if I get you right.

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OK. Sir .
I want to publish my project within 2 days starting from now. I plan to buy blynk cloud USD 35.00 to publish my app in google play. but now sir I could not reach anybody to help me publish. This is my first time dealing with google play.
I have no idea about it sir.
could you help me?
within this week I have to make sure my project will be already publish on play store.

@fazlianayunus I count this as your third thread on this topic… please do NOT spam the forums. Stick with one thread per topic, thanks.

okay…I;m sorry.
but seriously I stuck in publishiing my project.

I am positively sure you would get more business oriented timing with the business side of Blynk:

This is the community forum where we will certainly try to assist with the free to use Blynk oriented issues like using widgets and tips & suggestions on coding, etc, but we are mostly fellow makers and hobbyists, and not many are going to rush to your apparent for-profit based (or educational credits) publishing schedule. Even if it free… it is your project to manage, not ours.

Sir, I am a student which using blynk application for my project. but the condition for my project is I have to publish it to google play to make it more real but only for a moment until my due date of my project.I willing to buy the plan because I really want to use it even a moment.
I am not buying this plan for my business or what. But for my final project. sir.

That’s perfectly fine… but again… why are you not working with the publishing side of Blynk that does just that??

You keep asking for an APK… have you even tried Googling for a slightly older one… they are out there. Part of being a student is learning how to look for all different available resources (at least thats how I was taught).

Unfortunately, we can’t give you an APK unless you enroll in one of our plans.

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ok sir. I understood. I will buy
thank sir