Can I only share 1 button?


Is it possible that in one of my projects with 1 x NODEMCU that I can share only 1 button out of 4 that I have setup?
I want a friend to access only 1 button/pin. How can I do that simply?

Make him a new app with just one button and use a Bridge to control the other app.

I only wish I knew what you were talking about.
Could you please elaborate or provide steps?


You will need:

2x Arduinos (total including what you have)
2x Projects in Blynk Mobile App.

First project is your own one. Create it how it like. Make it work well with 4 buttons before moving on.

Second project in mobile app, create a single button widget and copy the auth code in to a Bridge.
Get started using the Blynk Bridge example in the Arduino IDE.

Create a very very basic Blynk code where it just has a single button BLYNK_WRITE() that then uses Bridge to make the virtual write.

Thats basically it. The second hardware has only 1 button coded… and the only action it does is send the command to the first project hardware to process. You can even use the SAME Virtual port to make it easy.

Ie. on the first project if the button you want to share is on (for example) V4, then the second project hardware can just bridge.virtualWrite(V4,1) and it would perform the exact same action as is the first project pressed it.

Thanks, I totally thought it could be done with the app alone.

Because it is just a virtual button, you would think that one button can be replicated into another project. i.e associate/manually overwrite the token for each button. That surprises me, I thought the app was far more advanced than that.

I had no idea it would lead to more hardware!


Basically just use virtual ports for everything from now on.

Another method is you could just write a simple web page that makes a GET http request to the API for that single pin only. Then you don’t need to give him app access and thus only one bit of hardware.

A virtual button, like a variable in any programming language, would still be tied to a single point of reference (i.e. auth code for a Blynk project), thus the bridge alternative.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they (Blynk) couldn’t do what you want… but it would most likely be a Blynk for Business related paid for project.