Can i connect wemos d1 r1 to an arduino mega and blynk

I have controlled my home generator and water tank from and electricity stabelizer from arduino mega. but now i want to control it from blink its been 3 days and i am trying to do so but continiously failing… :frowning:
so can any one tell me an easy way to do it ?

i have wemos d1 r1


You write some code, to do a thing and report a result… Easy… :wink:

But honestly, you need to give us details on what you have already tried and having issues with… then we can try to help you learn about Blynk… but we can not do it for you, and “easy” is in the skillset of the beholder :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, you really shouldn’t need to connect a Wemos D1 Mini to another MCU like an Arduino… The Wemos is a fully functional standalone MCU already.

If you really want to use the MEGA with Blynk, then use an ESP-01 or simular simple ESP to act as a Serial to WiFi interface.

The D1 R1 is an Arduino shield with an ESP on it.
No idea if it’s compatible with a Mega, or if/how it’s supported with Blynk.


Good point… I missed that all important “R1” designation. Wemos!! Why oh why all the confusing identifications :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But I see that it is actually a UNO shaped ESP8266, not a shield… and not even a true clone as it changes most of the pinouts from a proper UNO, is 3.3v only on the GPIOs, only the single ADC… basicly a standalone, deceptively UNO shaped, ESP. I can see why this is a discontinued item.

And probably not something one can use to make a Mega Wireless anyhow… at least not easily.

It does however, appear just as supported and easy to use as a standalone MCU with Blynk as the D1 Mini


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I am using these guidelines

i have completed step 2.
but after that when ever i try to upload a sketch to mega
i get the same error

The ESP-01 and the Wemos D1 R1 are not quite the same… based on the same chip, but not the same device.

The Wemos D1 R1 is meant as a standalone programmable device.

And while the ESP-01 can be used that way, albeit limitedly, by default it comes as a WiFi transceiver for use with AT commands that can allow it to act as a Serial to WiFi adapter for other devices, like Arduinos.

There is no easy way to make the Wemos D1 R1 do the same thing… if even possible.

PS, Please do NOT create duplicate topics on this issue…

i am using esp-01 for that but i was not having any luck so i bought wemos d1 r1. the screen shot i shared is of esp-01

Well then your title and description is rather misleading :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, with an ESP-01 in AT mode, you do not program it directly, instead you setup and program the Mega from the IDE just like normal.

But it is your sketch that then connects to the ESP-01… on a Mega this is usually via Serial1 (pins 18&19)… and uses the ESP-01 as a WiFi transceiver… nothing more.

Search this forum for keywords like UNO, MEGA, ESP-01, Shield, AT commands, etc for all the multiple topics all about how to properly connect, power (do NOT use the 3.3v pin on the Arduino), and program.

Then after reading and studying the already existing information, if you still have issues… tell us in detail (here in this topic) how you have it wired, powered, etc. What you have done and what if any error messages…