Can i connect multiple devices to one blynk dashboard

hello, i need help regarding weather i can connect multiple devices to one blynk dash board. i have created one dash board with about 10 v pin buttons.but i wan to connect multiple node mcus to the same one.I thought of using the same auth code in all node mcu codes and assigning v pins 12,13,15 to node mcu 1 and other like v16,v17,v18 to node mcu 2 like that in the code . is this possible?

Yes, its possible, but not sure how well that would work like your suggesting. What I’d do is in the Blynk app, up in the top right there’s a settings icon next to the pause/play button. (In play mode this button looks like a micro-controller) So… pause the app go to settings > devices > new device and name it choose its type and connection method. And voila!! You now have 2 mcus that you can control from 1 Blynk app!! Note that each mcu will its own auth code and you’ll find when you go to adding widgets that you need to select which device the widget you are adding is for. Also with it set up this way you’ll have the full range of V pins available for each mcu. For example you can have 2 button’s in you Blynk app, one assigned to mcu#1’s V0 pin and the other assigned to mcu#2 V0 pin!! Once you got this figured out, check out the device selector widget!

Thank you for suggesting a much simpler and better method