Can copy my template to other blynk user?

Now i want to sell my projects it connect to blynk iot. but i can’t copy template to buyers. Or i just make new for every buyer?

Estou com o mesmo problema!
Já consultei o BLYNK e eles me responderam que isso ainda não foi implementado.

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The idea is that you subscribe to the Pro plan, and create sub-organisations for each customer, and invite them to join that sub-organisation.
This allows the customer to only see their own devices, but allows you to see all devices.
This also allows you to push firmware updates to the customers using Blynk.Air.

The process of sharing a template with another user from another organisation has not (yet) been implemented in Blynk IoT, so each template and corresponding web and app dashboard would need to be configured manually if each customer had their own organisation (account).


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