Can Blynk pull internet data?

Hi All,
n00b question, but I cannot find the answer anywhere.
Is it possible to pull internet open-source data (I imagine it involves using the data API), based on the user’s geolocation, and send it to the Blynk App and then send it to an Arduino to display on its screen as well as display it on the phone app?
example: current temperature data

In theory, I guess you could use this approach by using the Webhook widget.

However, the approach I would use would be to make the API call from the Arduino (or better still a NodeMCU) and parse the results to extract the required data (temperature etc) then display it locally and publish it to the app.

Also, it depends on whether you want the weather for the ‘home’ location or the location where the mobile device is. If you want the latter then you’d need to use the coordinates of the phone to use in the API call which adds a degree of complexity, but is possible.


Thanks for your quick reply Pete.

It would have been better if I had mentioned in my first post that both are to be portable devices. The Arduino communicates using BLE. (We cannot have the Arduino device using the internet, only BLE)

The idea is to have internet weather data pulled by Blynk, then send it to a display module while out and about.

Does your reply still stand under these circumstances? If not, then is it possible another way?


Yes, it would, as that makes it impossible for the device to make API calls.

Does the phone running the Blynk app have internet access?


Hi Pete,

Yes, the phone running Blynk can access the intenet, that’s how it accesses the weather data. It communicates to the Arduino display screen via BLE which cannot access the internet.

Could you please explain how I would go about doing this with Blynk? Is this possible?

Many thanks for your support.

I’m not sure if it’s possible, because although you can use the WebHook widget to call a 3rd part GET API request, you’d normally parse the data on the hardware side, and with BLE some of the necessary functionality may not be available for this.
You could give it a go though:

Personally, I’d use the phone as a hotspot for the hardware device and run everything from the hardware side.


Good idea. Is it possible to piggy-back the internet signal to the portable Arduino to pull the internet weather data, without the phone user physically setting the hotspot up? Can this be done from the Arduino side automatically as the time interval requires to pull the internet data?

Lots of questions here I realise. Thank you.