Can blynk connect to wifi that has individual username and password

Hello I am interested in integrating a wifi adapter to my project and I am able to connect to a normal router with a password. But I am interested in being able to connect to a network that has individual usernames and password similar to a work or school network. Does anyone know how to get blynk working for that? You would have to connect to the network and then enter your username and password

That is really a question that needs to be put toward the systems IT administrator, not here. That said, I would think it is not a practical option. First you would need to know the precise parameters the system requires for an automated login (assuming it even allows such) and then any system like that would assuredly lock down the ports anyhow, thus making the whole endeavor mute.

I remember seeing another thread about a similar problem and the only solution was take the systems admin a cake :birthday: and ask nicely for special access.

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if the network security protocol is similar to that of eduroam, this might be a good starting point:

That could work. Username/password is usually WPA2 Enterprise with some sort of encryption like EAP or PEAP. I think it should be very similar to Eduroam.

The short answer is YES. The simplest best way to do, if you are using windows OS, is to make “Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter”. You can google easily easily the process of making a hosted virtual network on windows 7 and windows 10 using some cmd commands. Currently on campus i am doing this to allow my nodemcu to connect wifi with my defined SSID and password only.
Follow this link and enjoy testing your devices on campus.
Windows Virtual Hosted WiFi
Warning: The computer should remain running all the time else virtual wifi will stop.
Note: I know this post is about a year old, but may be someone get benefit from my answer.

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