Can Blynk application be connected to SCADA software?

i just wanna to create simple control system e.g. temperature control or lightning control.
then, my app controller made by blink can be connected and monitored from my PC Using SCADA Software??? (On the Control room/Security room etc.).
is it realistic? how can it be realized?

Thanks for your answer and suggestion

What? Using Blynk as a simple control system e.g. temperature control or lightning control… Yes, the answer is yes.

Maybe… but not something we do here… this is the Blynk forum.

Although you could look at using HTTP RESTful API

I recommend you start by reading through the various Documentation and Help Files then trying out some of the examples in the Sketch Builder.

Then you can search this forum for projects done by others for doing temperature control or lightning control etc.

There are many options, one is to use MQTT (but it’s not supported from all SCADA systems) or you could implement Modbus TCP client on the ESP (google for the library) and populate the registers. This way you will be able to add it to all SCADA systems you want…

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