Can a user change the wifi SSID/PWD without recompiling?

Is there a best practices recommendation (or any guide) for a means to allow a user to change the SSID/PWD of their wifi without recompiling? Can a Blynk project be set up such that it goes into AP mode to allow for the configuration to be changed? What about the Auth Token? Can the Blynk platform be used for commercial purposes for which we don’t know the wifi SSID/PWD beforehand?

WiFIManager was written by a Blynker, see the following example that includes the use of a Blynk token

You will need to study

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Yes. This is exactly what Blynk commercial does. Here is demo app -

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@Costas, looks great thanks.

@Dmitriy, I assume the demo app that’s hosted on the play store was made with traditional Android tools. Has the creation of that app been documented as a reference? Have you considered expanding the Blynk app to create/publish simple apps for mass distribution? One of the great benefits of the Blynk platform is that creators don’t need to spend time learning smartphone development.

Yes. That’s exactly what we are doing right now.

@Dmitriy, as a feature that will be introduced in the future? If so, you guys are amazing. How large is your team? Is there a blog we can read to keep up on some Blynk news?


7 people right now.

For now we use this forum and facebook page for announcements. Sorry, no time for blogs :slight_smile:.

the Blynk team is fantastic at assisting Blynk users and keeping us all up to date via this forum. :slight_smile:

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And if you have too much sources where you need to put info and updates, there is no more time to make cool stuff :slight_smile:

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