C# Blynk library with Blynk client for UWA

Check out my C# implementation of the Blynk client here at GitHub: https://github.com/sverrefroy/BlynkLibrary

It is a bit rough-edged at the moment and has limited functionality, but it covers the most basic use-cases seen from a remote device.


I can not wait to implement this! Starting right NOW!! Thank you!
Can’t get it to load in VS2015. What’s the minimum required?
Any way to lower the requirement?

@Sverre_Froystein Installed VS2017 Community. I think that will help, but am too tired tonight. :wink:

Hi @Sverre_Froystein, I’m involved in a mini project at school. I was given a link leading to your post, but I still don’t know what I have to do with your C# Blynk library. Can you tell me what i can do?
Sorry for my bad English!

Hi friend! I am using VS2017 to create Windows Form Application. I cannot add your DLL.
I installed .NET Core 2.0 SDK already. Thanks!


I don’t think you may mix .NETFramework and .NETCore in the same application. Instead of taking my DLL, you should take the source code and build it for .NETFramework and then include it in your application.


Hey there, I would like to use Blynk in Visual Studio, could you make a tutorial on how to set it up?
I would like to use it for my Unity project,which is using C#… :slight_smile:

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hi Blynk Team, i use C#, i think if Blynk library build from .NET Standard it should be use from Visual Studio with Cross Platfrom (.NET Framwork and .NET Core)

i want to try Blynk library with C# on library Pi with Windows 10 IoT, how should i do?

Try using platformio VS IDE