Buzzer for blynk widget

Hi,I am a new member of this fantastic community, I wanted to ask if you can add a buzzer to the blynk app, which could serve as an alarm or audio notification thank you

You can use the notification widget which will send a notification with a string of your choice and when you receive it on your phone your phone will sound.

hello, I have already set the notification, but it emits a short sound, I need to have a continuous sound, such as the ringtone of a phone call that has a certain duration until an action is performed For example, when the pin D1 of the esp 8266 is placed in LOW condition, the cloud notifies me of a continuous audio signal on the app it can be done? Thanks

If youre running Android then it might be possible using Tasker, but not possible directly from Blynk.


I dont know if this is possible…is it possible to change the ringtone of the notification? Maybe to a ring rather than a blurp?

Hi Pete and Proietti, and for this reason I was asking if the app programmers could add a ringtone as a widget it would be nice thanks

On android this is possible.

You can. Although it is a set sound/notification per project.

In the Notification widget go to “Customize Behavior”.

I’m sure you could even download a long beeping sound to use.

It won’t happen any time soon, in my opinion.
All development on the current version of Blynk has stopped and the devs are working on Blynk 2.0
Blynk’s development is driven primarily by the needs of paying customers, so if a potential or existing customer wanted this then - unless of course the development team think that this is such a great idea that it could be a selling-point in future.

Sitting in a meeting and having a buzzer ringing in your pocket that you can’t silence until you go and rip the power out of the hardware device that’s causing this doesn’t seem like a great selling point to me :rofl:


No Pete, there is no need to remove the power :smile: add an option so that it works like a normal ringtone, therefore it can also be silenced or vibrated, but think how useful it would be in case of a home automation or other anti-theft project where you need a direct signal and immediate

Think Toro, This is a good idea, I try tomorrow


how do you activate a hardware notification?
some examples

const int ledPin = 5;
const int btnPin = 4;

int ledState = LOW;
int btnState = HIGH;

void checkPhysicalButton()
  if (digitalRead(btnPin) == LOW) 
    // btnState is used to avoid sequential toggles
    if (btnState != LOW) 
         // Toggle LED state
         ledState = !ledState;
         digitalWrite(ledPin, ledState);
         Blynk.notify("ALERT - Button is pressed!!!");
    btnState = LOW;
    btnState = HIGH;

in setup()

  pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(btnPin, INPUT_PULLUP);
  digitalWrite(ledPin, ledState);

timer.setInterval(100L, checkPhysicalButton);


I think this post should be labeled as “App features ideas”