Button widget

I notice change to button widget since latest iOS update, centre of button now says OFF or ON however one of my buttons opens a blind is there any way I can modify OFF ON to something more appropriate ?

Yes, I second that. I’m using it for a phone operated garage door opener for my parents and they were confused by the On/Off as well. It doesn’t make sense in a lot of instances

Don’t get me wrong, I prefer OFF ON to V10 or whatever but it would be nice if it was possible to change it to say OPEN SHUT ,UP DOWN, IN OUT etc

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I’d prefer if we could change it to either the Pin name, ON/OFF or leave it out. Since we can also put text in it. A button of course does nothing but On/OFF, but I agree some customization could be nice :slight_smile:

I’m glad the pin numbers have disappeared as I thought that looked very crude for an end user.
Buttons are much more than a simple ON/OFF especially when they are used in PUSH, rather than SWITCH, mode. In many cases the text of ON/OFF is simply not appropriate.

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agree… Button can be “on/off”, can be “open/close” and so on. So instead of “on/off” i’d prefer just a blank space with clearly visible color indicating state of a button. The rest can be in label, which also could be a bit more “capable” for longer labels (double lines label?) so we can label that for example:

Entry door:
Open / Cl.

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ON/OFF is just totally inappropriate for some circumstances. I have 3 buttons - ON/OFF/AUTO - and I plan to use those on a number of circumstances to override automatic settings… I’d rather they were BLANK than this…