Button widget problem with local Blynk server

using local Blynk server (Ubuntu and Raspberry-Pi) i experience problems with button widgets. The buttons often switch without changing color (from empty to filled and viceversa) and furthermore often do not switch at all.
Using remote Blynk server everything is fine.
iOS app
Libraries 0.3.10
Blynk server 0.18.3
May someone help me?

it is probably something in your code…

It is reasonable to think that something in the code should cause the same behaviour in both cases (local and remote server).

If all things that went wrong with computers were logical, I’d be out of a job …

Anyway, how is the CPU load on the server? I’ve noticed the old Pi is a bit slow. Could also be a memory issue, but unlikely.

I am using ubuntu for the local server (just the blynk server running). I think it’s something related to the iOS Blynk app. Using BlueStacks everything is fine. Using iOS Blynk app (using two different iPhones) i have the troubles.
This means i have to change my smartphone!

Is that latest blynk app?

Show us the Details of your projects, like a gist.

Yes. I tried also to uninstall and reinstall the app. No way.
The button sometimes goes into a freeze state (pushing the button, it flashes but does not change the state) or change the state but not the color. In case of switch mode it’s not a big deal, but for my shades, the wrong state visualisation is a big problem.
In the pictures you can see the the button “In Casa” with color changes for same states. It also happens no color change for different states.

Huh. Can you upload the code here? That helps us find the issue.

With my new HUAWAI Y6II everything is fine. I guess i can make a point: it is not something in the code.

No offense, it could still be in the code. Different phones react different to code. Since you are introducing more variables it becomes increasingly difficult to troubleshoot, so it would still be a good idea to post your code :slight_smile:

if your code is so secret, why are you asking for help on a public forum?

No offense and no secret. It’s an hobby for me and i have two little kids ti look after. I will post everything asap. It’s a matter of time. I apologize if someone is worried for the waiting.