Button switch delay

The buttons in switch mode are super responsive to touches which could prove dangerous in certain situations should you accidentally leave a switch unintendely On.
I propose an option for “hold to switch state” tickbox and a stepper for time to hold.
So let’s say it’s set to 1 second then you must hold the button pressed for 1 second to toggle its state.

My use case is a “wait for OTA” button, should it be switched on it will drastically change the behavior of my battery powered units, so an option as suggested could potentially save me from some trouble…

Spinn of idea:
If above enabled, send array of data to esp,
param[0] = value of button
param[1] = time button was held

This will eleviate sensitive devices as Esp8266 to calculate how long a button was held, for multi purpose functionality.

Should also work for push mode