Button NodeMcu

Hi, i Made a simple project: led connected to NodeMcu D7 port… in the app i have a simple button that switch D7 from low to high when pressed. It works fine but, when i share the project with qr And i presa the button on the other mobile i can see on my other mobile the button feedback when pressed but nothing appen on my board.
Next i tryed to login on the other device directly with my account (with permissions to edit project) but when i run it, it still only gave feedback on the other device. I can only turn on the led with the button with the main device (iPhone).
Thanks for your time,

Probably due to the direct pin connection method you are using in the App. Using Virtual Pins and code to control GPIO action will translate across Shared or Multi-Login connections.

Shouldn’t be so.

Other device: iOS/Android? App version?
Also, are you on local or Blynk server?

Now started work, i don’t know how :slight_smile:

We did a fix 2 days ago.