Button name lenght?

…why is it so short?

It fits the width of the widget

I can only fit around 6-7 letters on my widgets - but there still is more space? is this how it is supposed to be?

or does it depend on our phone?

alternatively - can I save space & have longer names by using a slider to replace three buttons?

so the slider has 1-3 range so has three values 1,2,3 and each value calls a function?

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That’s indeed the idea. Very flexible :slight_smile:

Boom - another light bulb moment!

This indeed opens possibilities!

Plus I’m still trying to digest this genius work of @chrome1000 here: ESP8266 HVAC control

We’ll fix the name length. Looks like a bug.
@BlynkAndroidDev could you please check and make similar to iOS