Button image inconsistency after last Android update

I just updated the Android Blynk application on my tablet and phone and both are showing odd behavior with buttons (both regular and switch). After the update the buttons started showing ON/OFF in the middle. When exiting it and going back into the Blynk app the ON/OFF is disappearing. I then back out to the Blynk project chooser, go back in to a Blynk project, and then the ON/OFF reappears. I just reproduced this again a minute ago. This time I went in to Blynk and after a few seconds the ON/OFF disappeared. I then backed out to the project chooser, went back into the Blynk project, and the ON/OFF reappeared.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature :smile:

In edit mode - you see pin numbers for your convenience. In Play mode - there is no need in pin number, so we change it to On/Off

This was a request for long time, now it’s implemented. Sorry that it freaked you out.

Thanks for putting so much attention to the details.

I’m not sure you’re understanding me. I’m not talking about edit mode at all. I’m saying in normal mode it is randomly switching between a blank button and a button showing ON/OFF. Just this moment I went into the app. My button was just a round blank button. I backed out to the project chooser and went back in. After that it is showing ON/OFF again. Not talking about edit mode or the virtual PIN displaying…

Can’t reproduce. Please post a video or screenshots.


Here you go… reproduced it on the first try.


Thanks for your report,

We are investigating this issue, probably on next week we’ll prepare a new build with fixes to issues with current one

Thank you for the response!

Also, getting odd behavior with the slider widget when exit and relaunching the app. The slider will just max out when you go back in and the value will change to a Vx value.

Such things could happen with enabled mapping for the slider’s values, is it enabled?

I’m not sure what you mean. What mapping are you talking about?

Another issue I see is that when I haven’t been in the app for a while and I go back in… the projects are all blank and I can’t click them. I back out and go back in and they are back. Happening on both devices. Seeing a lot of bugginess in the app mainly when exiting and treeing.

In settings you could enable data mapping - it’s selector stays between min/max values edits.

Yes, I have that set, but the maximum value is still higher than the current value. When I exit and go back in the slider number value will show the correct value (70), but the slider is maxed out to the right. The max value I set for the slider is higher than 70. There are a lot of bugs involved when exiting and and returning to the application.

@BlynkAndroidDev Just received the latest Android update. Some of the bugs looked fixed, but the slider is still an issue. Now instead of going to the max when you return to the app it goes higher than it is supposed to. As soon as you hit BACK in Blynk the slider changes. The number value stays the same, but the slider position goes higher than it should. Still needs to be fixed.

i could not reproduce this issue, that’s why it is currently not fixed, could you attach here screenshot of slider settings and video or screenshot of the bug ?

Here you go:


Thanks, could you also show slider’s settings screen? screenshot would be perfect.

@BlynkAndroidDev Here you go:

Seems i’ve fixed the slider’s issue, after fix for some other issues - we will release a new build

https://www.dropbox.com/s/657wxqod3qb4ydn/blynk_app-log.apk?dl=0 - you could check this debug build - it contains a fix for slider issue

Just updated to the new build today. Slider issue is resolved! Thank you! Found another minor bug… When using a button in “push” mode the text no longer changes from “OFF” to “ON”. The text just says “OFF” the whole time. The green circle does light up properly though.