Bulk HTTP API help SSL?

After I searched all night I thought I would make this a new post. So I’ve been playing around with the API simulator and I’ve been reading from a few Founders/Co-Founders that you can do BULK API in one request, in other words you can update multiple Virtual Pins with one request. I’m in a low power mode where the ESP8266 turns on and sends data and goes to deepSleep(). I just can’t find it anywhere.

How in the world do you complete this in one API request? Here is what I tried to no avail:

http://blynk-cloud.com/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/update/V8?value=84?V9?value=85 < this is if you add a new parameter it outputs like this

Does the Server not accept HTTP/S ? If so, what should the request look like? I keep getting errors.

Hello. There is no bulk API update at the moment. However, maybe it is time to create it :wink:

Awesome…yes please! How about supporting SSL?

And what about it? It works fine for local servers and commercials.

Do I need a subscription or something different? I want to send my API request HTTPS. When I do it from my browser it strips it off.

ie. https://blynk-cloud.com/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/update/V8?value=84

Blynk cloud uses right now self-generated certificates due to back compatibility. That’s why you see this. This will be fixed soon too.

Awesome, thank you very much!