Bug in the background color of Icons?

After the last update, I noticed that the background color of all my icons has changed from light color to “blue color”


After last app update:



Samsung Galaxy S22
Blynk 1.12.0 (139)

@Hugo-BR is it an icon button widget? we added light/dark colors support for all widgets colors/images, maybe it is some hickup due to this - can you set for both themes colors again? I will check it on our side

Hello, @Hugo-BR. Strange, not reproduced for me. Please attach a full screenshot from the application.

in which place? image in device? in template design settings?

IF it was icon button, as I suppose, was it a fully transparent color for background in on state?

yes, before the change, it was set with fully transparent color… now I had to set a more light color for the icons… however I was unable to set a fully transparent color as it was before…

@Oleksii-QA in both, design settings and image …

Hello, @Hugo-BR. Please check in Blynk IoT 1.12.1 version.
New version should be out soon.
Problema applicazione blynk dopo l'aggiornamento - #2 by BlynkAndroidDev

@BlynkAndroidDev @Oleksii-QA

Problem solved, thanks for your quick support!