Bug in Blynk Library for Arduino IDE?

I believe I discovered a bug for the Arduino Blynk library v 0.5.3 using Arduino 1.8.5.
I modified an existing file (previously uploaded April 28, 2018), compiled and OTA uploaded it to an ESP 8266 Node MCU. All of the data from a BMP 280, MQ2 and HC-SR04 sent to my iPad and iPhone on the Blynk started reading zero.
I changed the Blynk library from 0.5.3 to 0.5.2 and the correct data was sent to my devices. I repeated changing the Blynk library versions to confirm. The Blynk app on my iPad and iPhone is v 2.21.0(2).
One interesting item of note is the correct data was sent to ThingSpeak while the file was using v 0.5.3.

Sounds like you need to update ESP8266 Arduino Core. Check this topic Blynk Library v0.5.3 regression: ESP8266 floating point issue

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That’s the ticket. It worked. Thank you for your help. I always search the community site before posting a question but I did not find this link. I had the incorrect path for the additional board manager.