Bring my 10yr old alarm panel to the cloud (Not Blynk Relevant)

Hi all,

This is just a wild idea, so wild I don’t even know if it’s possible. Ok I really believe it is possible but I need some pointers.

Please see picture of my alarm panel and keypad. I think it’s a Chinese rip off of a something or rather but labelled as “Intellisense”


Generally it has worked very well and does the job.

I have 6 PIR zones, 2 keypads, a siren/flasher on the outside wall and a screaming buzzer inside the house. There are no contacts, door sensors etc.

I am hoping I am able to gain full control of this keypad while away from home, and see the current status of the LED lights.
Would it be possible to arm/disarm remotely? Would it be possible to receive notifications to my mobile in the event of an alarm?

I have real basic arduino use, so I understand inputs and outputs, relays, voltage regulators that’s about it!
I have only done one project where I can remotely open and close my slide gate and garage roller door - which works a treat.

Can anyone provide some good websites/pointers on how to get started on this? I am not sure for instance on how I would be able to control a keypad remotely without wiring to it. Access the the alarm panel is super easy (right next my router, but access to the rest of the components are a nightmare!)

This is not really relevant to Blynk or the purpose of this forum - to help learn to use Blynk.


That will probably be your only option… figure out the wiring matrix and duplicate it with GPIO control.

It will probably be a unique hack, so you are in for lots of Googling and reading…

Thanks for your response, Ultimately would have preferred to use Blynk for the control side like I do with my gates.
Any direction where on the web is best to look first?

Start with Googling the panel and/or system model numbers… perhaps someone has already looked into the communication protocols for the keypads? Otherwise you can look at physically actually hacking the keypad itself and replicating the actual button matrix via the aforementioned GPIO interface.

Lots of ways to go about it…but at this point, none of them relevant to this forum, sorry.

No worries, I got confused thinking the “Need help with my project” sub-forum included projects like this.

Once you have got to the part of interfacing Blynk, then yes :slight_smile: there is lots of flexibility… but you are a long ways from that right now.

Way too complicated to start with, let alone the fact that you are no longer insured if you start to meddle with it.

Babysteps, try and find some basic key pads on eBay, fiddle around a bit with the Wemos D1 and go from there :slight_smile:

Could somebody please point me to a relevant forum that can assist me with this project?
I tried googling but there are posts all over the place, I’d like direction to a good forum if possible.

BTW I figured if I solder a wire from each led on the keypad to individual inputs on an arduino and also solder wire each physical button to a digital output, then I am 90% the way there?

I can work out the power side and get it on the network etc, not sure what else I’d have to consider.

Probably… but unless they have also done a similar conversion themselves… they would first need to Google all sorts of sites and looking for relevant conversions themselves… again NOT this forum’s purpose :wink:

Unlikely… Aside from voltage differences, the keypad most likely uses a matrix on a membrane, not just simple switches… but take one apart and look with your Mark 1 Optical Scanner to be sure. Google Matrix keypads to get an idea of what you would be looking for.

I am closing this topic to keep from encouraging too much non-Blynk forum filler. But if you do progress past the hardware hurdles and are ready to merge in Blynk, please create a new topic :slight_smile: