Bridging between local server and cloud

I have my solar setup up and running on nodemcu (esp8266) and I use Blynk on the cloud see my Batt voltage and solar panel charging current and also to switch the solar inverter ON/OFF.

I recently got my raspberry pi zero w local server up and running. (had some trouble with Java version, but found help from the web).

Is there a way i can use my nodemcu to speak only to the local server and another nodemcu bridge the local/could server ? I want to be able to swtich on/off from the cloud or the local server. (for flexibility) I did read up the webhooks, but it looks to me that i need to have my phone in local network to achieve this. I did look at bridge, but this looks like both the devices should on the same server.

Any ideas if this is even possible ? I want to my Virtual pins and change a GPIO value from cloud/local server

You could have a device connected to one server, then use API calls to mirror certain virtual pins to another server. This could be the same device that is connected to your solar controller if you wanted.
The API documentation is here:

It’s rather a messy solution though!


Just setup your local server with port forwarding and DDNS… best of both worlds, LAN and WAN access, and absoluttly easier then trying to merge servers.

And on that note, Blynk’s Cloud service consists of three separate servers based on global local, and the API doesn’t work across them, so if you travel, you will only get full connectivity all the time with the solution as referenced above.

Unfortunately I am behind CGNAT or double NAT, can’t DDNS or port forward.

Another solution is to use SSH forwarding, but before i go that way, wanted to know if there is a blynk way

Every server is a separate entity… API is probably the only possible way for the aforementioned messy and cloogy way of trying to share data. In fact, I have never even tried it so don’t even know if it is possible. EDIT - Yup… I just forgot - [SOLVED] Connection between the cloud server and the local server However it will still be only a one way link as you apparently cannot open up your Local Server properly to receive WAN sourced data.

Perhaps just setup your Local Server in another location without all the router issues… or even on a paid for cloud service… yes, more $$, but Local Server still gives you full control over everything, including energy.

Thanks @PeteKnight , going over this, will udpate here later

@Gunner Thanks for the pointers, going over this will update here later

Hi @Gunner and @PeteKnight , I finally signed up for a google cloud service, setup an openvpn server with LAN to LAN routing. My Pi zero at my home gets connected to the google cloud open vpn and I can access my Blynk server once i connect my mobile to my google cloud open server from any part of the world!

Thanks for the help.

Hi @PeteKnight,

These APIs are so good, I could automate a lot of stuff with curl and this APIs from my small little pi zero with shell scripts!