Bridge with wifi manager

Just a quick query, when using the bridge widget you show the auth codes of the sending and receiving devices within the code. When using the wifi manager the auth code of the device is not shown as this is inserted within the wifi UI setup. My question is if using the bridge and wifi manager do we only show the auth code of the bridge device?

From what I’ve seen in the Wifi Manager library is that you can also add the second device auth token too as a custom parameter.

So for the device sending the data, it would make sense to add both auth tokens so that in future it could be changed.
The receiving device doesn’t need the auth code of the sending device (from what I have seen/read/worked out)

I thought it did if you want the receiving device to send back back data to master device

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Just checking if there is a specific reason for bridge. I am personally a fan of just adding devices. See pic.

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I am making an aquarium computer whereby I will have the master in a cabinet which control various slave devices some outside in the filter room. Everything will communicate with the master hence the bridge

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Sorry, yes if you want 2 way communication then would require auth token for both devices.

Makes sense👍🏼