Bridge sometimes don't send data

I have a very interesting issue.

I created a bridge between two connected devices on two different ssid.

The emitter device has a simple command to send a temperature value both to a widget and to a bridge.

   Blynk.virtualWrite (V5, tempOut); //write data on app
   bridge2.virtualWrite (V31, tempOut); //send data to another devices

And everything works. On the app and on the receiver I see the temperature value without problems.

It happens (and not always) that if by OTA I modify the sketch on the emitter (varying some other code), on restart the device connects and sends me the updated temperature data on the app but not on the receiver.

With a restart of the emitter (removing the power supply and putting it back), it does not send the data on bridge, but only on app. Obviously not even a restart of the receiver device is enough.

The only way to send it back to the bridge is to restart the access point where the emitter is connected. Then restart sending the value immediately. The dhcp is configured with correct gateway and google dns.

The strange thing is that the device is connect to the internet, otherwise I would not see the updated data on the widget in the app.

Strange enough? :slight_smile: