Bridge error on “Blynk Legacy”

I have one of the program that use “bridge”, it’s been working for years on ESP8266 and I do have a source code for this. This week, I need to make some change to the code but when I compile it, I got the following error message:
‘’ ‘WidgetBridge’ does not name a type"

The error point me to this line of code:

WidgetBridge GridTied1(V110);        
WidgetBridge GridTied2(V111);
WidgetBridge LTO(V112);

Does anyone know why the code was working fine before but not now?

Bridge was a legacy concept that is no longer supported in Blynk IoT.

If you’re migrating to Blynk IoT then you should read this…

If you’re running !egacy on a local server then you really need to state that at the very beginning of your topics, and you need to be running version 0.6.1 of the Blynk library.


Hi Pete,
Thank you for your reply.
That make sense now as I am running Blynk on my local Raspberry.

How do I get the older version of Blynk library 0.6.1 so I can compile it to run on legacy?

Also, is there a way to upgrade Blynk legacy to Blynk IoT on the local Raspberry Pi server?

When you mention Blynk IoT, is that also call as Blynk 2?

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It’s not clear from your response if you’re trying to run this code on you api or on some other device.

If you’re programming some other device with C++ and using the Arduino IDE then you can select the library version you want in the IDE, otherwise you can download the library from here…


I take it you didn’t bother to follow the link I provided?


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Hi Pete,

Sorry, I was on the phone when reading your response without reading the FAQ link.
I’m very sad that they discontinued the Blynk :frowning:

Can you please let me know what need to be done so I can compile the sketch for it to run on a local Blynk-legacy server?

If I remove the “WidgetBride” lines then the complier when through ok but I need that so I can get the data from 3 different device to display into one app.

Below is the error I get when I compile:

Master_Receiver:45:1: error: 'WidgetBridge' does not name a type
   45 | WidgetBridge GridTied1(V110);        
      | ^~~~~~~~~~~~
Master_Receiver:46:1: error: 'WidgetBridge' does not name a type
   46 | WidgetBridge GridTied2(V111);
      | ^~~~~~~~~~~~
Master_Receiver:47:1: error: 'WidgetBridge' does not name a type
   47 | WidgetBridge LTO(V112);
      | ^~~~~~~~~~~~
exit status 1
'WidgetBridge' does not name a type

in Library Manager install older version of the Blynk library

Thank you Pete and Juraj for your comments, I was able to be compiled it now after downgrade the Blynk library from 1.2 down to 0.6.1 (thanks Pete)

I moved to 1.1.0 and now i can compile too