Bridge data in 2.0

I have made a few projects in the old version of BLYNK. In some of these I have used the Bridge to communicate between the devices. For instance in my NFC lock project I have a card scanner on the desk that gets used to provision new cards. It sends the data to the locks and the locks also send data back to the scanner when doors are opened or cards are scanned at the door.

I am not sure how to replace this in the new BLYNK.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Bridge widget has been replaced with automation, I’m not sure if it’s gonna help you or not but it’s worth a try.

Same answer as the last time you asked this question :thinking:


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How do I move data from one device to another with automatons.

Thanks Pete I knew I had seen something about that but when I searched I did not see it. :grinning:

Unfortunately you can’t send data between devices using automation.
The automation is just a trigger that will perform an action based on a certain condition.

I created already internal ticket, so hopefully it will be done in few weeks.


Any progress on bridge data?

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