Bridge and terminal

Hi, i use terminal widget to see messages from Device1. Also, I send messages from Device2 to Device1 with the help of bridge to see its messages on the terminal which is linked to Device1. As I know, bridge is a device to device communication. There is no app side. So i thought both devices must be online. But on my project, I can send messages from Device2 to the terminal which is linked to Device1, even if Device1 is offline. It is something I want actually, but is it the normal procedure? (because in this case the comm is not device to device)

Additional info:
I open a bridge channel on V3 pin on Device2 and I send my message to V2 pin of Device1

bridge.virtualWrite(V2, message)

On sketch of Device1, terminal is linked to V2, I don’t use an additional function as

BLYNK_WRITE(V2){ ... }

because terminalwidget does its job by itself.)

The virtual All pin have their “virtual” representation on the Server.
All blynk devices are connected via server, so it’s not a true device <-> device communication AFAIK, but rather device <-> server <-> device. The blynk library on the device is responsible for being connected to the server and sync the state of its pins to match those on servers (and vice versa). So yeah, I believe you can read/write Digitak/Analog/Virtual pins even for a completely fictional device (i do that all the time).

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Thanks, I had known that there is a server step between devices in the communication process, and virtual pin values are stored on the server. But i didn’t know I could read or write virtual pins if the device status is offline. That was enlighting for me, thanks.

I slightly reworded my initial reply as I realized this is not just a case for virtual pins, but digital/analog ones too.

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You’ll probably find that if you write a lot of data to the terminal widget then you wi t see it all when you open the app on that device.


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I will try that upcoming days, also I am curious about how many rows terminal widget shows max…

IIRC it’s 25 messages on blynk cloud or custom if you use local server:

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Does anybody know how to put the text to a new line when using the bridge, sth. like println but via the bridge?

Assuming that you’ve defined your terminal object like this:

WidgetTerminal terminal(Vpin);



should do what you’re looking for.


I know how to use the terminal widget, but i wondered if it was possible that device A puts a new line to device B terminal via the bridge while device B is offline

i found out that its kind of possible if you activate ‘ADD NEWLINE’ in the widget options

Assuming you have a terminal widget linked to V2 of DeviceB, you should create a bridge (sth. like my Bridge) on DeviceA first then call

myBridge.virtualWrite(V2, "message");

I have tested that you can see messages of DeviceA on terminal linked to DeviceB even if DeviceB is offline. I have not tested if ADD NEWLINE option changes anything or not…