Bridge alternative for when 2nd NodeMCU is out of WiFI range

First of all, sorry form my English and my knowledge about this; I am learning a lot about Blynk and I have started my first project with a Nodemcu, reading data and activating outputs, programming, etc.
I connect it through wifi, but now I want to put another nodeMCU as a slave In another place quite far, where the wifi does not arrive.
This post is good for learning about bridges with Blynk, but I have to connect the two nodeMCU cable meter because one of them does not get wifi.
I have looked for information on how to do it (RS485 for example) for the Blynk bridges work fine, but I can not find anything.
Any help please?
Thanks in advance.

Hello and welcome to the Blynk Forum.

Because your issue is different enough, I moved you into your own Topic.

Bridge requires all connected devices to be in some form of network range of the Server. So if one is in a WiFi free zone, bridging (or honestly Blynk itself) will not really work all that well.

However, if you can hardwire the two devices together, then you could use something like EasyTransfer to share data between the devices, One, running basic Arduino code (not really a Slave, but a remote sensor hub), and the other running Blynk, and taking data from both its own sensors and that of the remote device and sending it to your App via WiFi and the server.

Hello again
Thank you very much for your help, @Gunner I will try to explore EasyTransfer.
If I am successful in communicating the two devices by cable, I will tell you.
Best regards