Bought 5000 Energy, but energy did not increase in the app

Hey there,
a few days ago, I purchased 5,000 energy on Blynk. Apple app store confirmed via email that the payment was successful, but my energy balance did not increase in the Blynk app. I restarted the app a few times, but no luck. Any ideas?



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Please do the following:

  • Quit the Blynk app completely
  • Go to System Settings -> Blynk and enable, if needed, the “Enable logging” option
  • Launch the Blynk app
  • Go to About screen and send us the logs

Sorry for my english. I have the same problem, the purchase was successful, but the app doesn’t update. I did “enable logging” but nothing. I login with facebook in Blynk but in my iphone i login with gmail.


@Eugene @Pavel please your help.

Thanks Danny

@Danny_Andia please send us logs from About screen within the app

My account in FB is with hotmail ( and in the iphone is with gmail ( Please, maybe the error is that.

@Eugene please.

@Danny_Andia this is screenshot from Android phone. Did you mean to say you used Android phone to buy energy points?



@Danny_Andia I don’t see logs from you. Please use same iOS app where you bought energy and send us logs. To send the logs:


I sent the logs

I have same problem kindly help